For Students

As an educator, screening your students is just one responsibility of many. We offer solutions to academic institutions that are specifically designed to help you manage high volumes of students that need to meet screening requirements before enrolling in academic programs or being assigned to clinical sites.

Save Time

The screening process for students can be taxing. The more manual processes you have, the more time it takes to move students through enrollment or clinical assignment. Our academic solutions are designed to protect you from cumbersome, time-wasting screening processes by providing automated electronic solutions that don’t require tedious oversight.

Consolidate Services

We offer all of the solutions that you need to meet your student screening requirements. Partnering with us means you’ll spend less time managing vendors and more time on the important stuff.

Manage Risk

Our academic solutions help determine which students are qualified to participate in your academic programs – avoiding potential liability issues. Optional annual re-checks help to ensure that clean records stay that way.